Aphrodite Renaissance Portrait


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A sculptural metamorphosis..

The starting point for this painting is the sculpture of Aphrodite. It stands like an imposing stele, taking on a monumental dimension, like the divinities themselves.

The raw materiality of the stone shines through, with its chiseling marks and carvings bearing witness to a journey through the centuries. The eroded chin and altered nose bear witness to the inexorable effects of time.

From the outset, the viewer is struck by the subtle duality between the frozen immobility of the sculpture and the captured vitality, where emotion is expressed through an ephemeral, fleeting state. The temporalities of stone and emotion are in opposition, creating a dichotomy between the permanent and the ephemeral.

  • Material : Frame in high pressure laminate and print on compressed paper

  • Matte finish

  • Dimensions M: H.74 x W.56 x D.4 cm

  • Made in France

  • Indoor use